Satya Darshana
 Ever present state

What is Present State?

             Present state is our real state but what we experience is present perception (body-time-space-society nexuses). Present perception is the root cause for illusion of life or life movie. Our notion of reality and our experience of it is an image of reality created in the mind only. This does not mean that the source of our perceived reality does not exist. It does exist always but not the way we perceive it. Present state is also called pure Consciousness/Soul/Achala/Being state/Brahman/Allah/Real I/Self/Buddha state etc. Truth is so simple and more scientific hence all religious labels are avoided in our web language and in the book.

Present state is the source of existence of all that exists. " "Whole of existence is made up of elementary silent state called Present state.
Present state is our fundamental state of existence which is always present hence Everpresent state.
Present state is the source of existence of all that exists. "
Present state is the source for past, present and future. "
In this Present state time and space dimensions are born.
Present state is the source for perception.

Everpresent State

             We see a static film at a particular moment while watching a movie, but what we perceive is movie or a motion picture. It is certainly an illusion . Similarly unitized reel of Inherent present state is a static reality. But the way we perceive it is universe. The way we perceive the world around us is nothing but the projection of past, where as the present will be always static which is our Everpresentstate . Our psychological conditioning along with the limitations of body-time-space-society nexus has programmed a labelled individual in us and root cause for the glorification of mind and body instead of the Everpresent. Everything in this universe is transient and Everpresent alone is constant. The notion of time and its dimensions-past, present and future and also the idea of space are the products of perception. Existence of the primordial source, which is the cause of everything from universe to organism, is undeniable. Everything in this universe is its Quantum Units.

             Notions such as religion, region, nation, caste, race and language, time, self and ego are not real; they are culturally evolved labels. Scientific ‘introspection’ would reveal the hollowness of socio-cultural identities imposed on everything around us and more particularly on human beings. Introspection would also reveal the indubitable reality about the timeless, casteless, thoughtless, ego-nil and unbound nature of our Ever-present state would also root us in the awareness of our ‘Inherent present state’. Simple, practical and scientific regimen to organize our routine life is very essential. Hence, a brief and simple guidelines focusing on the various dimensions of our life given to achieve the individual peace.

Our Objectives

             Main objectives of this mission is to help the people to become Universal human beings scientifically and establish an undivided human society where everything and every being would flourish in unique way & peacefully. A world body tentatively named as World Peace Organization to facilitate the process of world peace and to eradicate fear across the world and ensure security for humanity is conceived. Its main role is to act as the guardian of peace everywhere by stamping out the very notion of war and violence of all sorts from human society. States can save enormous amount of money and human resource that was to be spent on defense and could be invested in the developmental activities to achieve socio-economic prosperity. Global peace will be a reality in the years to come. A brief action plan consisting of Ever-present global education, nuclear disarmament and common language for the globe is also discussed in order to translate the vision of Global peace into a reality.


Peace alone can save this planet and its habitants.

United we flourish, Divided we perish.