Satya Darshana
 Ever present state

A well known practitioner of medicine and a successful pediatrician of the Silicon City of India, the Bangalore City, conceptualizing a scientific solution to an Individual and Global Peace! Yes, he is Dr. G. Shashidhara aged about 50 years, an able son of a highly dedicated school teacher whose life was totally devoted in understanding the absolute reality of life. Thanks to his father for having imbibed the zeal to seek the truth about the Everpresent primodial cause.

Born and brought up in the family environment that always breathed, echoed and emitted spirituality, Dr. Shashidhara always nurtured his quest for an individual and global peace, passionately. His passage through childhood and youth, busy professional schedule and its attendant pressure have not detracted him from his goal.

He has diligently pursued his quest through introspection for over 25 years in order to scientifically explain the cause for the present predicament of humanity. He is of firm belief that the truth is scientific and once proved it can be easily conveyed to the world, so it is NOW.

Dr. Shashidhara has also been conducting workshop on Scientific Spirituality with a consummate passion to strive for global peace. Founder of Translife-Mission to involve people across globe to free humanity from chaos and fear, his aim is to make his mission a people’s movement; a global movement to achieve this he is planning to travel across the globe with an appeal to the people and their leaders to eschew to separatist tendency and strive for a prosperous and peaceful world order.

This work is an outcome of his long cherished vision and mission and an able contribution of his might for the great cause of peace: Individual & Global.