Satya Darshana
 Ever present state


Dear friends,

             I thank you profusely for having browsed my presentation on Everpresent State - A Scientific Solution to Individual and Global Peace. I very humbly admit at the outset that this presentation is only an appeal to humanity, certainly not a gospel. It is not my intention to propagate a new religion or theology or philosophy or cult. To be honest, I am averse to such ideas. One of the objectives of this work is to expose the failure of custodians of organized religions in conveying to its adherents the universal truth about the Primordial Everpresent and our Inherent present state scientifically. Such an effort would not have divided humanity on religious lines. I am hereby appealing to humanity across the world to examine the truth behind the labels about ourselves and the world including religion programmed in our brain and realize the way they affected the unity of humanity. My sole objective is to restore peace for individuals as well as for the globe. Peace alone can protect humanity from disaster.


I am an optimist. Every problem has a solution, provided we have the firm desire and will to fight problems in their own backyard. Of course humanity is caught up in the whirlpool of chaos and confusion. But, there is more than enough HOPE FOR RESURRECTION.


Hopes should not be treated as a wakeful dream and, neither be deferred. I am aware that world-peace in the present global context is a Herculean task. There might be millions of people like us who are concerned about humanity and its present predicament. We need to organize them. Form a forum to give expression to our vision. We need to travel a lot and organize people.


Drops of water make a stream, streams make a river and several rivers make an ocean, but the original source is the single drop of water. Our mission may take some time to become a reality. But let us sow the seeds of universal brotherhood and love.


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