Satya Darshana
 Ever present state

Everpresent Global Education

             We are divided on the basis of religion, caste, creed, nation, region, language and a host of cultural labels. These labels have corrupted our brain, by distorting our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Casteism, communalism, hatred, and group conflicts are ruining the peaceful social atmosphere.

  • Are our named identities real?
  • Are we born with inborn caste, religious, language, family and national identities? Are these labels present in our blood?

" whole of existence is made up of elementary silent state called Present state. Present state is our fundamental state of existence which is always present hence Everpresent.
Present state is the source of existence of all that exists. "
Present state is the source for past, present and future. "
In this Present state time and space dimensions are born.
Present state is the source for perception. "

             Everpresent Global education helps us to understand:

  • Universal truth about the existence of infinite, absolute "Everpresent" as the primordial cause of all in a scientific way.
  • The nature and attributes of the "Everpresent" as the "Macrocosm" and everything and every human being as its quantum units
  • Awareness about the real nature of the "essence" of our existence and the 'inherent oneness' of all that surrounds us
  • Awareness about our "inherent Everpresent"
  • The awareness about the name, race, religious, caste, regional affiliations as just labels and not real
  • Awareness about the three dimensions of our personality.
  • Noble goals, all altruistic qualities such as love, kindness, creativity, the sense of oneness of humanity
  • An ability to question the basis of organized religions, superstitions, religious institutions etc
  • Scientific reasons for the prevailing diversity in human society
  • Ability to reject all unscientific beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes
  • Meaning and importance of peace
  • Ability to transcend the narrow socio-cultural and political circle and acquire the quality of universal human being.

What we are today is the result of what we did in the past presents and what action we take now will create future presents

Everpresent Global education for all helps people discover in them a Universal Human Being. Truly it is this realization that can do wonders to transform the individual into a 'universal human being'. Realization of our Inherent present state helps us to regard our fellow beings as the embodiment of Everpresent state – the universal principle and

  • To create awareness that labels and notions we have about the world and we are as products of perception and we are conditioned accordingly.
  • To create scientific understanding and awareness about the 'sameness' of the silent part, the inherent essence of human beings.
  • To train people to ignore the apparent diversity in physical form and shape as superficial and focus on unmasking the labelled experience and reality in order to realize the truth behind our existential appearance.
  • To educate people to scientifically analyze the facts behind acquired religion, language, culture and states and resolve to transcend beyond the programmed mental boundaries in order to realize the inherent 'Everpresent state'.
  • To create scientific understanding about the existence of the universal 'Everpresent state' and its nature, which we generally refers to as 'ultimate reality'.
  • Reminds humanity of their role as crown of nature.
  • Educates on individual as well as global peace.
  • Helps in creating terrorist free world.

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