Satya Darshana
 Ever present state

Global Disarmament

             WPO should be empowered to make all Nation-States across globe should either through appeal or coercion to surrender all the peace and parcel of their armory along with their army to WPO.

             Humanity should be protected under the umbrella of


What are the advantages?

  • No country need maintain a army of its own which is really expensive
  • It will serve as an umbrella for all countries-be it small or big
  • All countries feel secured
  • There will be no threat of war as WPO will be mighty enough to suppress war-mongering countries
  • Huge amount of money that each country spends on maintaining defense force could be utilized for constructive socio-economic activities which in turn will growth, development and prosperity
  • There will not be destruction of plants, trees, animals and all that inhabits this earth
  • Science, technology, arts, literature and all the finer aspects of culture will prosper
  • It will usher a fearless peaceful united human society.