Satya Darshana
 Ever present state

Common Global Language

             Language is an indispensable pre-requisite to establish and cultivate social relations among people. Human societies have evolved their own ways of oral expression, which we call language. Some anti-social elements are using language as an instrument to divide people by arousing narrow sentiments and linguistic fanaticism among them. As a result of it language, has become a deplorable divider of people. Ethnic groups across the globe have unnecessarily created tensions and emotions among people, which have set them against the other. But the fact remains that a language is always acquired through socialization.



  • It would help people to communicate with their fellow being across the globe.
  • It would help people to move around the world, meet people, expand the sphere of their interaction and widen social network.
  • It would help people to understand each other and share their feelings and experiences. This would remove mental barrier.
  • It would facilitate people to resolve differences, overcome mutual suspicion and learn to appreciate the bio-socio and cultural diversity in human family.
  • It would integrate people and help them look beyond the perceived physical, political and socio-cultural boundaries.
  • It would translate the concept of “Human family” into reality.

We have been talking about peace for over many millenniums. We have appointed ambassadors. We have formed many organizations. Talks generally wither into thin air. If talks were to build castles in air, there would not have been any problem at all. Therefore we need to think of a more concrete, result-oriented, practicable and sustainable comprehensive action plan.