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 Ever present state

The Center for Scientific Spirituality is a non- profit organization that endorses the movement of the real truth of existence, the Present. We aim to provide scientific enlightenment of the truth (Present). Once you understand the truth from an unbiased, purely scientific perspective you can blossom your life in the Present.

    Uncover the Truth- Understand the Present

    The truth is what really exists.

    What really exists is Present… Present… Present…

    We all understand Present as a here and now state. This state in itself is the real truth.

    We allude to past, present and future in order to make the concept of time comprehensible for us. But these terms representing time frame are only points in a given series of Present State. In reality, only the

    Present exists. What happened in the past constituted the Past Present and what is yet to happen will constitute the Future Present.

      Our movement is purely scientific and transcends all man- made barriers like religion, caste, creed so that the truth (Present) finds firm roots all over the globe,               paving the way for peaceful humanity that revels in the joy of their unique designs.

Come let us further understand the Present 

    For a better understanding, we divide this Present as the Outer Present and the Inner Present.

The Outer Present or the surface Present is the world as we experience it through our sense organs and mind or perceive as myself (body and mind) and existence. This is the finite dimension of our life and is commonly experienced by us. This is peripheral part of the present.

 In the Outer Present we experience the world through our brain perception. The brain perception has two divisions:

                 - Beta level of predominantly left brain activity where the logical, rational, scientific thinking goes on.  This is responsible for our wakeful experiences.

             - Alpha level of predominantly right brain activity where we witness the imaginative, pictorial, creative and intuitive experiences and extra sensory perceptions.

      The Inner Present is Source present and silent. Inner present is the content of the atomic stuff and source of the Outer Present. This inner present is an infinite, spiritual dimension. Hence, Inner Present  is the Centre          and is known by various names in different religions such as Allah, Jesus consciousness, Krishna consciousness, Budhha state ,  Bruhath (Brahman)etc.,.

 Today’s science refers to this state as quantum or unified field. Center for scientific spirituality calls this as Quantum essence or universal presence. This is central part of the present.
 The Inner Present is the Real Present which is universal, deep within us (Eesha) and static in nature while the Outer Present or the Surface Present is past-based, constantly changing and dynamic in nature. 

Spirituality is the integration of our life with the present

     Scientific Spirituality is a movement that enables an individual to scientifically integrate the truth in everything, in every being, everywhere, in every moment, in ever-present way, leading to an                           enlightened, fulfilled and harmonious life.

     Scientific Enlightenment: Enlightenment means the state of understanding something or uncovering the basis of a profound truth. Once we realise the formless, infinite and inherent dimension within us by means of             veritable scientific methods, it is comparable to an Ever Present light that will always glow within you and make you a scientifically enlightened person. Scientifically enlightened individual can manage body, mind and             existence by integrating with the present.

Anyone can attain scientific enlightenment irrespective of religion, caste or creed. They only have to be realize the truth.

“The ultimate reality, PRESENT, is my reward for relentlessly pursuing Spirituality and the truth behind the source of existence for more than 25 years. I have had to put my body and mind to the test in order to uncover this simple truth. But my vision is to educate all of you on this truth- PRESENT, in the fastest time span possible, through an easily comprehensible, rational and scientific manner, which prompted me to formulate Scientific Spirituality.”

                                                                                                                                Dr. Shashidhara

Living in the Present

Living is a dynamic expression of life. That means how loving, lively, joyful or enthusiastic you are determines the health of the body. A person who lives in the Present can enjoy good internal body chemistry and a blissful state of mind.

Simple Formula for Living in the Present

Living in the Present = Integration of Outer Present and Inner Present

    Integration of the Outer and Inner Present through Living in the Present will enable you to manage body, mind and existence with awareness and aliveness.

The spiritual centre or the silence is always within but because of the activities in the Outer Present such as thinking, reviewing, planning, imagining, seeing , listening , touching, tasting, hugging etc we tend to get caught up with only Peripheral Noise originating from body,mind and existence. Hence, Meditation is a scientific method to reach your Inner Silence despite the dominant Peripheral Noise and is an integral practise of Living in the Present.

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