Satya Darshana
 Ever present state

Individual Peace

          We can understand and realize truth by a very simple method called INTROSPECTION, a process of scientifically analyzing the labeled information and also our perceived experiences stored in our brain. Please remember that you perceive so many things and ideas in the ‘present state’.

          Birth of you, every being and I who are the quantum units of the ‘Everpresent’ are born in the same present state.

          We are born with the Inherent-present state which psychologists call “Tabula rasa” that is vacant, devoid of any innate past information. It appears to be as though just empty and clear. There is no past or future for our Inherent-present state. The inherent essence or the ground state is just ‘present state’.

          The programming of our brain with previously labelled information begins after birth in the ‘present state’ only.

          We attribute meaning to all that we see, hear, smell and feel by using past labels.

          We interpret our experience in any present moment by recalling the programmed memory.

          No ‘mind’ exists in the ‘Present state’, it is past dependent.


" Our psychological conditioning along with the limitations of body-time-space-society nexus has programmed a labelled individual in us and root cause for the glorification of mind and body instead of the ‘Ever present’. "

In Individual Peace, we need to give equal importance to all the 3 Dimensions of us. Though Individual Introspection acts as gateway to our Inherent present state, it is equally important to manage our body and mind dimensions. We need to follow a holistic approach for proper management of life for Individual Peace.