Satya Darshana
 Ever present state


             Over the ages humanity has evolved a system of linguistic symbols in order to perceive or comprehend the physical and social world around us. Accordingly we have a name, a label in every language for everything. Labels are programmed into the brains for successive generations of humanity over the millenniums. By and large we have blindly accepted our labelled identity and adhere to it unquestioningly. Therefore we have a psychologically divided humanity having with separate racial, religious, regional, social, linguistic and cultural label or tag.

  • How many care to ponder over the reality of tags?
  • Are we just labels?
  • Is there any inherent essence in us, which is beyond labels?
  • Do we just belong to a particular family, region, religion, place and time?
  • Are fairy tales and mythical stories about what existed before universe and what would continue to exist after the exit of universe?
  • How many ideas and information programmed in our brain are real?
  • Are perceived ideas about religion, time, language, nation etc are real?
  • Is it scientifically true and compatible to believe different source and essence of beings, Gods, elements of nature, region etc for humanity?

"Introspection would also reveal the indubitable reality about the timeless, casteless, thoughtless, ego-nil and unbound nature of our ‘Ever-present state’
would also root us in the awareness of our ‘Inherent present state’."

Of course there is no dearth of answers and explanation

We can understand and realize this simple truth by a very simple method called introspection, a process of scientifically analyzing the labelled information and also our perceived experiences stored in our brain.

If we analyze scientifically what really exists is.

Look at the left side of the above picture

What exists and continue to exist is

  • The Macrocosmic Everpresent State the primordial cause of all. It is Infinite, Absolute and essence of all that exists in this universe
  • It is a state without any inherent ideas like time, I, you, my, mine etc.
  • It is the experience itself and not the perceived or interpreted experience.
  • It is a state without
  • Any perception, intellectuation, reflection, thoughts whatsoever
  • Any fixed ‘time frame’ or life span

Look at the right side of the above picture

             The birth of universe, solar system, earth, evolution of animals and human beings etc has happened in the Everpresent State only and they continue to exist in the same state. We only experience present perception or we interpret an experience in the present state by using past information fed into our brain. The way we hear, see, and feel in any given moment and the way we understand and interpret them are products of perception in the present-state only. All ideas such as I, Me and You and; the notion of time and its past, present and future dimensions are perceived in present perception state only. There is nothing like past & future Universe, solar system and earth exists and; all living beings born & die in present state only.

We perceive the labels, not the reality. BUT, JUST ‘EVERPRESENT STATE’ IS WHAT REALLY EXISTS.

             Our perception of reality is masked by previously programmed labels. Science has accepted the existence of primordial cause and source of all that contains in this universe, as it is impossible to create anything out of nothing. Science, Philosophy and religion have not as yet demonstrably established the source, origin, nature, form, shape, characteristics, age, longevity and name of The primordial source. Any attempt to name and describe it would be another labeling or naming exercise only. We would dogmatically develop a fixation in our mind if we name or label it. And we may also start imagining all sorts shape, form, name and attribute all qualities to it. Indeed attributing human form and qualities to it (metamorphacizing and anthropomorphacizing) by religions has lead to more misinterpretation and confusion. Further, several misinterpretations and dogmatic assertion has lead to religious fundamentalism also.

Therefore it is logically and scientifically reasonable to call it (not name) just EVERPRESENT STATE.