Satya Darshana
 Ever present state

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Present Scenario Perception

             We live in a perceived world of ideas, names and labels as our brain has been filled with them to the brim. Perhaps, it might not possible to carry on our mundane life without them. But, is it possible to count the number of ideas the human brain has produced? Perhaps Dictionaries and Encyclopedias would not have documented all. But wherefrom those ideas came? Who produced those ideas?

The left side as described above indicates the Absolute, infinite, no-mind ‘Everpresent state’.

The right side shows the series of events before the birth of human beings who are endowed with a unique brain with immense capacity to perceive. It is an unparallel super-computer.

Plants and other innumerable animals could not go beyond experiencing and perceiving the environment around them, Please have a look at the left side of the picture, which indicates the absolute ‘Everpresent state’ devoid of any perception. Each ‘moment’ is a series of present state only as it is without any thought as such. We only interpret the moment.

But human beings are the only species who could produce language and script to label their perception with meaning. Later humanity went on transferring the labelled experiences and ideas to its successive generation through socialization, education and indoctrination

Humanity over the years has preserved labels through written documents and also oral tradition and memory. Generally we understand and interpret all that we see, hear, feel and other experiences of any given moment due to the memory of the past or previously programmed information in our brain



Our belief about the perception of universe is not real. Because the primordial Everpresent exists from fraction of Atto seconds. Our eyes and brain together are incapable of perceiving not only in atto, femto, pico seconds but also in nano or micro seconds. What really exists in these seconds is Quantum essence which is not perceived but whole universe is made of.

We see a static film at a particular moment while watching a movie, but what we perceive is movie or a motion picture. It is certainly an illusion. Similarly unitized reel of Inherent present state is a static reality. But the way we perceive it is universe. The way we perceive the world around us is nothing but the projection of past, where as the present will be always static which is our Everpresent state.

It is scientifically established that ninety-nine point nine nine nine...... (99.9999999) percent of all that we see and believe, as concrete matter is nothing but empty space. Our notion of reality and our experience of it is an image of reality created in the mind only. This does not mean that the source of our perceived reality does not exist. It does exist always but not the way we perceive it.