Satya Darshana
 Ever present state

Programmed Gods

             You all know that we have as yet no other notion, which has evoked as much fear, love, reverence, obedience, universal acceptance like God. It is a universal obsession. No effort has completely succeeded in freeing people from the obsession of God

             We attribute the existence of all to God. Strangely enough there is no as yet a definite, factual description of God based on first hand observation Written account (i.e. labelled perception) of religion and God is hardly 6000-7000 years old.

          Now we have innumerable description of the nature and form of God by the masters of various religions. But, the notion of God being the ‘mental creation of human beings’, the available explanations and descriptions would be imaginary and impressionistic.

            However, the existence of the timeless and infinite primordial ‘Everpresent’ is indisputable as nothing could exist without “It”. It has been existing billions of years earlier to the notion of God. The notions we have today are purely imaginary. The notions have been programmed into the human brains over successive generations.

             Why have we perceive and identify ourselves as belonging to a country, religion, God, language, caste, class etc.

             Are we trapped in a concocted, fictitiously programmed social world?

             Are these social labels real and permanent? If not what else is real and permanent?

            We have already understood ‘Everpresent state’ as the only real, absolute and infinite. ‘Everpresent’ in present state alone is free of interpretation and all others is perceived, interpreted and later programmed. We are born in the present as quantum units of the macrocosmic ‘Everpresent’ and we have in us ‘Inherent-present state’ the essence of our existence. When we introspect, we will realize the truth behind our perceived affiliation to region, country, caste, class, language etc. All these are previously labeled and programmed in our brain.

            But the essence of our existence is just ‘Inherent-present state’ only. It is true of our affiliation to religion and Gods also.

The left side indicates the infinite, absolute, perceptionless ‘ Everpresent state’ without any labels.

On the right side also the same state exists

All of us are born in one of the series of ‘present moment’ of the ‘present state’

However, due to various socio—historical and ecological reasons the ancestors of Arabs in the past have evolved Islamic religion and culture. And they have passed it on to the successive generation through socialization and education.

Thus the Islamic religion, culture and teachings of Holy Quran has been labelled and installed in the brains of Arabs and those who profess Islam in the PRESENT STATE. They have been trained to believe themselves as MUSLIMS.

In this present state had we born in gulf country we would have been conditioned with Islamic culture and hence our god would have been "Allah" But science has conclusively proved and demonstrated the ‘inherent essence’ of all as same. During surgical operations blood of an Arab is given to an Australian if the blood group is same.


Now look at the picture below for introspection and ask a question yourself Which would have been the social label, religion and God if the person who claims now as Arab had born in Austria. Obviously CHRISTIANITY.


HOLY (+) CROSS-would have been the symbol

HOLY BIBLE would have been the holy book

CHURCH would have been holy place.

Let us reverse the question now: What would have been the religion, God and holy book of a Christian who in the Present state had born in Arabic countries into Muslim family.

He would have lived like an Arab in the present state believing Islamic culture, religion and God Once again we can continue this dialectics if we look at the picture


Why a Hindu born in India in the present state considers Vedas, Bhagavad-Gita as holy books, swears by Shiva, Rama and Krishna as Gods chants the “OM” Because; as explained earlier in the case of an Arab and a Christian; brain of a Hindu is installed with notions of Hindu religion and God as perceived by his ancestors in the age old past.

A Hindu in the present state would have followed the religion and culture of a Christian or an Arab if he had he born in one of these families.

Thus the place where we are in the ‘present state’ is real, but certainly not the label or name we have given to it.

The primordial cause of all, the inherent essence of all, the omnipotent, absolute ‘Everpresent state’ alone is real and that is what really exists in any given present moment. But certainly not in the form and name as explained by some religious books