Satya Darshana
 Ever present state


             Today our children are heading towards disaster; chaos, confusion, unrest, in our social atmosphere. A child needs to be educated on some of the following questions. Why humanity is restless? Why this division? What are the bases for division? What are these labels of caste, religion, race, language and nationality? Are they true? Do we born with such inherent labels? What is the true nature of our inherent state? How Fear of terror and war driven by religious fundamentalism. How Caste, religion, race, language, nationality etc has divided our human society.

We all know that modern education and socialization processes focus more on orienting children to acquire professional skills and capacity to manage the pressures of mundane life. Today hardly any attention is given to help children ponder over the human aspects of life in general and more particularly on understanding the essence of human-being ness.


It is a well known universal truth that no child is born with any pre-conceived plans and thoughts, what so ever. Any child at the time of birth will have no separate inherent individual 'identity' except 'the present state', which is same in every being. Soon after the birth a steady and a continuous effort is made to implant and nurture a 'socio-culturally' designed and programmed 'identity' in the child's brain. This process of socialization and education in every society is designed in such a way that the child is made to become 'amnesiac' of its real inherent 'present state'. Instead it is trained to develop an emotional attitude towards the implanted 'identity' and this is our present perception which is dominant and responsible for our mind existence.


Mandating education programs at early ages that would provide unbiased ideas about the world, Ever-Present and actual insights of various religions would give power to the new generation to challenge people who try to exploit them in name of the religion.

Parent education as an initial step is very important So that our children's brain is free from all unscientific programs like religion, caste, regional tags etc.

As a second step our child is made aware of acquisition of artificiality of the labels imposed on them.

Third step involves on to scientifically demonstrating the "universality of the inherent present state". This education brings scientific clarity about our spiritual dimension.

Other important inclusions are Education on healthy diet and healthy way of living, breathing, uniqueness and meditation are also taught. Special attention is given to improve the emotional and spiritual quotient of a child.


  • Realization of the ultimate truth scientifically.
  • To empower every child as universal human beings
  • To free ourselves from religious dogmatism and myths
  • To create the meaning of life and To become creators ourselves
  • To understand the unity in diversity and to blossom individual uniqueness and potentiality.
  • To transcend ourselves beyond ordinary mundane thoughts and life.
  • To develop Self reliant children's, Fearless individual for future, intuitiveness & right brain dominance in children.
  • To develop high emotional and spiritual quotient in our children.
  • To bring about multiple health benefits and disease free individuals to the society.
  • Globally Peace and terrorist free world will be the reality.