Satya Darshana
 Ever present state

Time - A Big Notion

             Our socializers have implanted in our brain certain notions like that we belong to a particular caste, clan, class, region, religion and country only. Further death of the body has made us believe that we belong to a particular time–frame and the longevity of our existence is bound by time. All this has made us internalize a very narrow and false perception of our “identity” as a labeled physical body belonging to a social group having a fixed span of existence. We are finding it difficult to erase these deep-rooted notions.

Look at the left side of the picture

The absolute, omniscient, macrocosmic, infinite ‘Everpresent’ alone existing.

It continues to exist in the same ‘present-state’ only.

Look at the right side of the picture

Everything has happened in the universe during the last 16 billion years

Labelled perception (i.e. giving a label to the experiences of the sensory organs) began with the evolution of human brain and more particularly after the development of language.

The notion of time is hardly 8-10 thousand years old.

It is only “NOTION”, a product of perception.

There is no past or future

There is only end-nil “present” and present alone

We experience everything in the ‘present perception’


The notion of time is relative, not absolute and accurate as it varies from place to place.

The notion of time would disappear WITH THE EXIT OF THE PERCEIVER.

Our inherent essence being the ‘quantum unit’ of the ‘Everpresent’ will be present forever like its primordial source.