Satya Darshana
 Ever present state


             Greatest truth of our life is here and now state. It is labelled as present state. It is elementary or fundamental state of existence or reality. It is the source for our existence.

             We believe in past, present and future, but forget the fact that they are only points in the series of 'Present state'.

             Present state is our fundamental state of existence which is always present hence Everpresent

             To understand this Truth of life, who am I? And what is this existence? Two important questions helps us to understand the Surface reality of Life and universe as an illusory perception & our centre, the core reality as Present state.

TRUTH OF LIFE is structured broadly in to three categories

  • Body spiritualism focus on conscious maintenance of body like Diet, Massage, Holidays, Playfulness, sports, Aerobics, Yoga and Breathing. Special focus on multi grain diet, balanced diet, Live diet, joyful and celebrating the diet with moderation.
  • Mind spiritualism focusing on 3D process of Discovering, Disciplining and Dissolving of mind. Special Focus on mastering or using the mind.
  • Everpresent spiritualism elevates spiritual dimension of our life in everybody, in everything and in everpresent way.

Benefits of this education at Individual level are

  • Vision of truth - Third eye opens -its nature-purity, peace, bliss, power, unconditional love blossoms.
  • Present Eye Opens (Third eye opens).
  • We understand our conditionings and uplifts our awareness in individuals as "Universal Human Beings"
  • To bring about multiple health benefits and disease free individuals to the society
  • We are aware of fearless state in us.
  • We are activating our right hemisphere of brain
  • Helps individual to become Self reliant

Benefits of this education at Global level are

  • Global peace
  • Economy and prosperity improves by self reliant.
  • Terrorist free world

We conduct one day scientific educational classes on truth of life, interested may contact or call 7204730998 / 94