Satya Darshana
 Ever present state

Universal Human Being Awareness Education

"Global Peace through Universal Human Beings"

             This Universal Human Being Awareness Education helps us to understand all beings, and the entire universe has come out of 'one source' and that is 'Everpresent state'. Today this education can root out the terrorism by all means. Only we need to implement this scientific education all over the globe. We welcome you to join this global education movement.


  • Helps us realize the falsely cultivated, petty, self centric, boded 'ego' in us and eventually destroys them
  • Reveals us the great inherent truth "Ever-present state ". This realization will enable individuals become spiritual human beings and lead spiritual life.
  • It helps us to be free from "Fear disease". We will not run after gurus, nor roam around temples and pilgrim centers. We will not waste money on religious rites and rituals.
  • Spirituality or stillness activates innate right hemisphere of the brain there by creativity, intuitions, extra sensory perceptions are developed.
  • Makes us self reliant. We need not be a disciple or devotee of any one. Frees us from myths and mysticism. A free, fearless and clear mind will be more strong and creative which could be diverted towards constructive activities
  • Cleanses our brain of all stupid superstitious, selfish thoughts
  • Promotes physical, mental, spiritual health of an Individual
  • Universal human being creates a role to play & creates meaning in life.
  • A Universal human being saves time, money and energy.
  • At Global level, terrorist free world will be the reality
  • Universal human being breathes and finds stillness in ever-present state
  • Results in individual and Global peace.

We conduct one day scientific educational classes on Universal human being awareness education, free of cost, interested may contact or call 7204730998/94.
Universal human being awareness is presented as a poster presentation at sathya darshana interested may utilize.

When our earth is inhabited by 'universal Human Beings' Global Peace Will Become Reality